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Since 1973, Egenolf Industrial Group has consistently demonstrated to its customers a passions for achieving excellence in industrial service. From providing industrial rigging services to installations of industrial machinery, our reputation for professionalism and dedication makes Egenolf Industrial Group one of the top industrial services companies in Indiana.

Egenolf Industrial Group provides complete industrial installation and machinery moving services for our clients. At the heart of this service is rigging and relocating machinery. However, we offer a turnkey package of services that provides our customers with complete industrial service. Our turnkey package includes machinery relocation, transportation and warehousing services which can benefit any size of industrial company when relocating or up scaling operations.

Our integrated service offering eliminates the need for multiple points of contact, allowing you to focus on your business and increase productivity. Egenolf Industrial Group provides all of the machinery relocation, rigging and millwright services for our clients, thus removing the stress of using numerous contractors for your industrial servicing needs.

Whether you need to relocate industrial machinery to a larger premises, or are looking for a professional industrial machinery installation, Egenolf Industrial Group can help. Contact us to find out how Egenolf Industrial Group can help your company with our industrial services.


Egenolf in Action

Timelapse Video

Ever wonder what exactly riggers do? Watch a 4 day install of a brand new 700,000 pound stamping press in just over 2 minutes! From removing components from 19-axle vehicles to precision placement using giant hydraulic gantries, this video shows the blood, sweat and tears that goes into a typical install. Actually, no tears... or blood; we're all about safety. Just click the picture below to watch the video.


Photo Gallery

Egenolf has over 30 years of experience servicing the Industrial Press Industry. You can see more pictures of Egenolf in action in our Gallery.